Skills for Executive Secretaries & PA’s

From July 13, 2020 08:00 until July 17, 2020 17:00

At CED Office

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Price excluding Tablet will be N$5 900.00

Price including Tablet will be N$7 900.00

The role of the Office Administrator, PA’s and Secretaries has changed dramatically resulting from new technology being introduced in the market. The Office Administrators, PA’s and Secretaries, by virtue of their function, are closely linked to management. They should therefore look and act like managers. They must display leadership qualities, have an understanding of new technology, use their knowledge and intelligence to adapt to change – sometimes on a daily basis, and really support the management functions of the office. They must maintain many professional relationships.

Who should attend:

Duration: 5 days

Method of Presentation/Facilitation:

Formal lectures are filled in by small and large group discussions, facilitation sessions, case studies, quizzes, questionnaires, practical exercises & presentations by the participants.

In many instances the limited time frame of the course does not allow for in-depth discussions. In such cases the facilitator usually makes it quite clear that participants are more than welcome to discuss “unsolved” issues during breaks or after the course with her.

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