Emotional Intelligence at Work place

From September 14, 2020 08:00 until September 16, 2020 17:00

At CED Office





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Price N$3 900.00

This course is designed for all working class as they will learn how to succeed in interpersonal relationships.  Much emphasis will focus on understanding yourself and managing your emotions and thoughts in a variety of challenging situations.  It will also enable participants to handle social interactions, managing changes and be more flexible in any situation.

Target group
Administrators, Frontline employees, Supervisors, Managers and Senior Managers.

Duration: 3 days

Course objectives

Method of Presentation/Facilitation:
Formal lectures are filled in by small and large group discussions, facilitation sessions, case studies, quizzes, questionnaires, practical exercises & presentations by the participants.

In many instances the limited time frame of the course does not allow for in-depth discussions. In such cases, the facilitator usually makes it quite clear that participants are more than welcome to discuss “unsolved” issues during breaks or after the course with her.

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